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"The best way to predict future is to create it" Peter Drucker

The combination of Jean-Marie's and Florent's experience allows to provide proven and innovative answers to our clients' challenges. The association of their strategic and international expertise, as well as their thorough knowledge of organizations and different cultures guarantees an important flexibility of the team.

Our strengths

Both in managing multinational companies and in mastering process and change management, AD visor has nearly 40 years of experience in industrial, financial, or service companies.

Essential element of our DNA, cultural mixity allows us to draw our inspiration around the globe. Professional and personal experience of the team testifies of their curiosity and their open-mindedness. Hence AD visor always propose best and most innovatives management techniques or solutions.

Few words about AD visor

Founded in 2007 by the Bernard family, AD visor provides a set of services in strategy, operations, and administration.

Open to the world, the AD visor team has a real international experience.

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