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What we propose

We give you the opportunity to gain altitude in relation to your daily operations while staying as close to the business. We act as a mirror that lights on your management style and its effects. Together we challenge ideas for you to advance in your reflection in the middle/long term, and that, from a formal diagnosis.
As a family business, the AD visor team has a skill that allows you to "step back" and think twice about what now needs to be undertaken. We act as an "accomplice" that keeps all objectivity with regard to your case to determine together the best response to the challenges of your business.
AD visor is able to listen to you and understand the specificity of your situation. We act as a French «go-between» who will help you in discovering the possible targets. We advise you in the various phases of the negotiations and guide you through the incredible “minefield” of legal procedures.
We provide diagnostic tools on the state of your troops and the causes of this wait-and-see attitude, a perfect mirror that renders you the unvarnished nature and causes of this discomfort. We act as a catalyst of energy and as a third party to help you get back in tune with your teams. Our proven experience will allow you to set off again, enthusiastic towards ambitious goals and a boosted team.
As "business men" both rigorous in the management and used to "ground" issues, we always look for imaginative and practical solutions. We also prefer the "making do" rather than the "do everything" and the "let it go" attitude. We work as a consultant with proven experience, demonstrates a clear success in the conduct of national, European and global organizations.
AD visor as a "facilitator", a sort of mediator during strategic meetings of Boards of Directors or on very short missions, AD visor as a "business man" who, having previously lived this kind of impasse, will be able to help play down the situation, AD visor as a schoolmaster to bring your team of managers to systematically take into account the financial aspect of their actions.